Your ideas and our custom Artwork!

Your ideas and our custom Artwork!

Your ideas and our custom Artwork!Your ideas and our custom Artwork!Your ideas and our custom Artwork!

Bringing ideas to life!

About Us


Graphic Attic is your source for custom apparel, digitizing of old media and video production.  

Graphic Attic was started by one man nearly 30 years ago and has served many customers from as far away as Minnesota.  

Today the company finds itself under new ownership and a desire to expand upon a great vision of customer service.  With a talented artist and business partners our only limitations will be our lack of imagination.  We have a new location  in the basement of the old Masonic Lodge and will have that open soon to serve you.  Until then, we are always available to serve you and take your orders by phone.  We will also open our online store soon and look forward to serving you in the future.

Why use Graphic Attic?

We are breaking the mold.  Over the years, this industry has become routine and uses often uses canned templates.  That works, but we want our products to get noticed, to last and for people to want to come back to us.  

The new Graphic Attic not only offers the traditional custom apparel, but now also offers a digitizing service for old photos, VCR tapes and other forms of media.  Let's see what the Attic can do for you.

Customer Service

Welcome to the Attic!  We want to you to get to know and remember us, not just for our products, but for our service to you.  Get to know us by first name and call on us as your go to source for custom graphic arts on a large variety of products.  We are happy to serve you.